E-Fence E



The Martin System electronic Fence combines efficiency, durability and ease of use. The possibility exists to put several dogs on one E-Fence, you only need an additional Receiver Collar per dog (option). Expansion infinite! Another major advantage of the Martin System E-fence: there is no interaction with the electronic system of your robot mower. You have no longer to choose between a perfectly mowed lawn or the safety of your dog! Both systems can work perfectly together.


The efficiency of the collar receiver is due to an innovative technology, both in the area of ​​the potential and of the battery consumption. In this way, a perfect reliability can be guaranteed, with a long service life of the battery, up to 1 year!


All components of the system are designed for a fast and easy use. The base is immediately plugged into an AC outlet. The enclosure is defined by a conventional electric cable. In this way, up to 9HA surface (1.2km wire) is fenced.


The invisible limits caused by the transmission of a signal through the electric cable, and may generate two different zones:


1. The sound warning zone:

When the animal enters into this zone, warns a sound signal that he is going to act on the allowed limits.


2. The penalty area:

If the dog passes the warning zone and enters the penalty area the collar starts to stimulate the dog electrostatically. These impulses are completely harmless to the dog.

The detection zone can be adjusted between 0.5 and 3 m from the antenna cable. The proportion between warning and penalty zone can also be arranged.


• Protects up to 9 ha

• Up to 1200m thread

• Detection zone adjustable between 0.5 and 3m

• Progressive impulse levels

• Acoustic signal in case of interruption of the circuit

• User

• For all types of dogs

• Collar waterproof

• LCD screen

• Battery for autonomy in case of power outages (optional)

• Extra Collar Receiver (optional): £86.00

Ref: EF

Price: €278.00