Choosing a Training collar Martin System is choosing for :



* Micro receiver, the smallest collar that you can find on the market, 100% waterproof:


Nowhere you will find a smaller collar, rechargeable with a USB cable, 100% waterproof. The receiver works with sound and / or vibration and / or stimulation, free to choose and combine on the transmitter (depending on model)


* Sensor for the measurement of the contact between the receiver and the skin (Patented):


In the Micro receiver is a sensor built in to measure the contact with the skin. flashing led lights on the receiver indicate that the collar is properly fitted. No moisturizing the skin, shaving of hair or what more you think you need to do to be sure that the receiver working properly.


* Sensor for measuring the moisture of the skin (patented):


In the Micro receiver is also a sensor built in that measures the moisture of the skin

You don’t have to worry anymore about the stimulation level when the skin of your dog gets wet. You don’t need to change the stimulation level as it rains or if your dog goes in the water. The receiver always remains on the preselected stimulation level. No chance of unintentionally over stimulation!


* Programming of the receiver (Patented):


You can program your collar using the Emily USB stick. For example, if you want to turn off the stimulation mode (legislation), or adjust the maximum stimulation level to the needs of your dog you can this do easily. USB stick into the computer, bluetooth connect to the collar and adjust to your preference, as easy as that.

*Easy to operate, and depending on the model expanded capabilities:


The transmitters of Martin System have depending to the model, comprehensive combination options as regards the combination of sound, vibration or stimulation. With a range of up to 3000m, you have more than enough possibilities to correct your dog .