No Bark Collar


Anti Bark Collar MS


Anti Bark Collars are suitable for all types of dogs. The level can be automatically or manually tuned to the sensitivity of the dog. Only the barking of the dog who wears the collar is detected.


Anti Bark Collar MS is designed for dogs with excessive barking problem. When the dog barks, the device displays first a elecktrostatische impulse after a sound warning. Your Anti Bark Collar MS is equipped with a double detection system. Most machines detect either the sound or the vibration when the dog is barking. The Anti Bark Collar MS uses a completely new technology in this area. When the dog barks a measuring device detects the vibrations of the throat through the contact points, while other an other sensor detects vibrations of the vocal cords. The stimulation will only happen if the two contact points come into contact with the skin of the dog.



• Operates on a 3 Volt battery

• 8 levels of stimulation

• Progressive or programmable stimulation levels

• Sound Warning

• Double bark detection technology (Throat Vibration plus vibration of the vocal cords)

• Analysis of the bark by a microprocessor

• Waterproof


Ref: CAA-200

Kostprijs: 106.00