Tracking System for dogs


The MPS technology (Martin Positioning System) You can find your dog at all times. The receiver indicates the direction and distance to which your dog is located, as well as GPS data. The stimulation button of the receiver can be synchronized with a collar of the range MARTIN SYSTEM to keep permanent control over your dog. Thanks to extensive research in the field of respect for radio standards are the possession and use of this material perfectly legal.


• Range: up to 60 km in open field

• Ability to track up to 32 dogs at a time

• Rechargeable battery with no memory effect

• Autonomy of 48 in operation

• Small antenna

• Highly resistant receipt box

• Small transmitter ideal for small dogs

• Small transmitter antenna (2 x 6 cm)

• In accordance with the law

• High sensitivity GPS

• Free application for Android tablets *

* The application for Android is to forward the GPS information from your receiver to your portable device (tablet, smartphone). So you can be your companion on a detailed map on-line monitoring.


Ref: KIT_MPS_2013

Price: €992.-