MPS Falcon


Tracking system for hunting birds


The telemetry of Martin Martin Positioning System uses the latest technologies available on the market, both for miniaturization and performance. The team of engineers has been able to benefit from the research conducted for military applications, to increase the sensitivity of the receiver and the range of the system.

• Range: up to 60 km in open field

• High sensitivity, even placed on the ground stations

• Ability to track up to 16 falcons simultaneously

• Rechargeable battery with no memory effect

• Autonomy of 48 in operation

• Extremely resistant box

• Small transmitter box, weight: 13 gr

• Small transmitter antenna (9 cm)

• Autonomy of 48 in operation

• Compliance with legislation

• High sensitivity GPS

• Free application for Android tablets *

• Relay: SKY PROBE improves the search function by sending the information coming from the falcon through, making the contact can be maintained or recovered, even in extreme conditions.


* The application for Android is to forward the GPS information from your receiver to your portable device. So you can follow your companion on a map or a compass.



Kostprijs: €1980.00