Micro collar


Micro Receiver Collar

MICRO rechargeable collar receiver.



The MICRO collar receiver is equipped with the SSC stimulation (stimulation with a constant sensation), this implies that the receiver measure constantly the condition of the skin of the dog . Not unimportant if you do water work with the dog or trains under extreme weather conditions. Ex: you can give your dog any over-stimulation when he comes out of the water. The S.S.C. automatically ensures that the stimulation is lower than the set level without having to arrange that yourself.

When putting on the collar receiver, he indicates that the contacts are in contact with the skin of the dog. If the application is not properly installed the LED lights flicker. At a proper fit they go out.

The MICRO Collar Receiver Martin System can be used for all transmitters in the range, with the exception of the TT100 and TT200. If you decide to proceed with a purchase of the MICRO collar receiver keeps in mind that the charger and adapter are NOT included.


• Waterproof

• Stainless steel contacts

• Rechargeable

• Fully loaded in 4 hours

• Overcharge prevention

• Dimensions: 22x35x55mm

• Weight: 34g



Price: €212.00 without loading station


Price: €279.00 with loading station