Standard collar


Receiver Collar Standard


Receiver Collar with replaceable battery.


The collar receiver is equipped with the S.S.C. stimulation (stimulation with a constant sensation) This means that the receiver constantly monitors the condition of the skin of the dog. Not unimportant when you do water work or you train with the dog under extreme weather conditions. Ex: you can give your dog any over-stimulation when he comes out of the water. The S.S.C. automatically ensures that the stimulation is lower than the set level without having to arrange that yourself.

Please make sure that when you do the collar receiver on the dog, the contact area is in contact with the skin of the dog. This collar receivers are suitable for all channels from the Martin System range.


• Waterproof

• Stainless contacts

• Operates on a 3 volt CR2 battery

• Dimensions: 55x32x38mm

• Weight: 75g

• Compatible with all transmitters Martin System range.



Kostprijs €154.00