Finger kick E


Finger Kick


Another revolutionary invention Martin System is the Finger Kick, this ring is synchronized with the transmitter so that you can send the signal to the Receiver Collar from the ring. This means that both hands are free to train, hunting, jogging etc .... The transmitter and the Finger Kick must not exceed 5 meters apart, you can use the transmitter around your neck or in your pocket stabbing.

The Finger Kick is compatible with all transmitters of the Martin System range, with the exception of the TT100, TT200 and TT400.

You can use multiple Finger Kicks on one channel. Ex: PT-3000 + FK can synchronize four rings. For the TT1000 + FK synchronize two rings. The FK is battery, which is already intrigued in the ring and has a very long life, of course, that life depends on the number of times you use the FF.

For optimal effect, may the transmitter and the Finger Kick maximum 5 meters removes from each other.



• Waterproof

• Compact

• Light weight

• Long battery life

• Comes with elastic band


Ref: FK2

Cost € 148.00