PT 3000


Zender PT3000


PT3000 transmitter is compatible with the following

Collar receivers Martin System;

• MICRO Collar Receiver (rechargeable)

• TT Collar Receiver (use 3 volt battery)

• Chameleon® (rechargeable)

Also compatible with the Finger-Kick.

PT 3000 can work with 2 dogs



The PT3000 transmitter has a range of 3,000 meters in optimal conditions, also in open terrain.

Between buildings, trees, corn or wheat fields you must halve the range, still a range off +/- 1500m what is more than enough because one must keep the dog in sight. The transmitter has 18 stimulation levels and 8 programs (see specifications). For every dog you have 2 stimulation buttons, you still can work with two different programs for one dog.




1. Sound signal without stimulation (stimulation level 0)

2.Stimulation & Sound signal

3.Stimulation without signal

4.Flash stimulation (1/4 second) with sound

5.Flash stimulation (1/4 second) without sound

6.Automatic gradual stimulation with sound

7.Automatic gradual stimulation without sound

8.Warning signal (1 s) followed by stimulation with sound

• 18 levels of stimulation

• Works with a CR2 3 Volt battery (included)

• LCD screen

• Dimensions: 160x55x24mm

• Weight: 92 gr

• 100% Waterproof

• Compatible with the MICRO Collar Receiver, TT Receiver Collar & Chameleon® Receiver Collar.

Ref: RC_PT3000

Price: €311.00